Name Abigail  

  • Gender of the name –  Girl
  • The origin of the name Abigail is   Hebrew
  • The meaning of the name Abigail is  “Father‘s joy”
  • Name number- 5
  • Colors-
  • Lucky colors for her are Turquoise, Greenblue,White,  Green,  Blue, Cream, Grape
  • Gems – Aquamarine, Turqoise, Pearls, Crystal, Quartz, Moonstone, White jade, White Agate
  • Flowers – Ranunculus, Gardenia
  • Favorable day – Monday
  • Nameday of Abigail is celebrated on  November 22

Variations of the name-

Abbigail, Abigael, Abigale, Abigailė, Abė,  Abbygail, Abygail, Abygayle, Abbygayle, Annegale, Abigayle,Abagail, Abaigael, Abaigeal, Abbey, Abbie, Abbigail, Abie, Abby, Abegayle, Abey, Abhy, Abuigeal, Abichail, Avagail, Avigail, Avagale, Avigale, Avagayle, Avichayl, Abby, Abe

Personality traits

Abigail is a bold girl. She loves adventures. This girl has a  sparkling personality.  She has  her own mind . Therefore you will not persuade her easily. Girls with this name  usually have a  good taste . They are stylish and charming. They love to show  their artistic skills. A girl with his name has great verbal skills. She may love science.   She probably  loves travel, innovations and novelties.  If you have her as your  sister or a friend  she can be your  counselor.

Abigail on You Tube

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