Name Aiden 

Aiden is a popular name for a boy in English speaking countries.

  • Gender of the name Aiden is a  Boy
  • The origin of this  name  is Irish
  • The meaning of the name-  Aiden’s name isunderstood as “the fiery one, little fire” 
  • Name number-6
  • Colors – Royal blue, Indigo, Grey, Dark Blue, Purple
  • Gems – Pearls, Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Black Pearls
  • Flowers- Rose, Honeysuckle
  • Favorable day – Saturday
  • Nameday of Aiden is celebrated on  August 31 
Variations of the name 

Aiden, Aidan, Aedan, Aeden, Aidano, Aidyn, Ayden, Aydin, Aydan, Aidin, Aedin, Aedyn, Aideyn, Aidenn, Aedenn, Aidann, Aedann, Aydann, Aydenn, Aideynn

Personality traits

This boy will  be curious and witty. He will be  known as a romantic and sensual person.  A boy with this name  may be a motivated and hardworking person.  Aiden may like medicine and have a reputation of a natural healer. He may be a great judge of character as well. He will probably be known as honest and  open minded person.  The bearer of this name can be very  eccentric. He may also become famous as  a free spirit, innovator and a pioneer . He will probably be  well spoken, well educated, bright  and charming. People with this name are considered to  be good counselors.

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