Name Benjamin Name Benjamin

  • Gender of the name Benjamin is a  Boy
  • The origin of this  name is Hebrew
  • The meaning of this  name- Benjamin’s name is translated into English as “Son of the South, Son of the right hand”
  • Name number –5
  • Colors – Turqoise, Green-blue, White, Light blue, Green, Yellow, Pink
  • Gems – Aquamarine, Turqoise, Diamond, Zyrcon, White Sapphire, White tourmaline
  • Flowers – Ranunculus, Gardenia
  • Favorable days – Wednesday, Friday
  • Nameday- Benjamin’s Nameday is celebrated on  January 17th

Variations of the name-

Benejamen, Beniamino, Benjaman, Benjamen, Benjamino, Benjamon, Benjiman, Benjimen, Benyamin, Benyamino, Benyiamin, Biniyamino, Benjamin, Benjaminas, Benny, Bennie, Venjamin, Venyamin

Personality traits-

Whether you have a friend or a brother with this name, you already noticed that he is   emotional and  romantic. He has an extravagant personality. This man is known to be  original and creative. He wll probably be very  opinionated, but straightforward person.  The bearer of this name is considered to be unconventional, hardworking and clever.  If your son has this name, he will probably be  very bright and multitalented;  Benjamins usually loves adventures and travel much.  When they setttle down, they enjoy the  steadiness of  homelife and  fiercely defend traditional values.

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