Name Emily

  • Gender of the name Emily is a Girl
  • The origin of the name – Latin
  • The meaning of this  name- Emily’s name is understood as “hardworking, industrious”
  • Name number- 1
  • Colors – Red, Flame, Cardinal, Burgundy, Green, Turquoise, Light shades of brown, Smoky grey, White
  • Gems –  Ruby, Garnet, Emerald
  • Flowers – Lily, Purple lilac, Sage, All red flowers
  • Favorable days – Wednesday, Friday
  • Nameday of Emily is celebrated on  December 10th

Variations of the name-

Aemily, Aemilia, Aemilie, Aimil, Amalea, Aemilea, Amalie, Amelie, Ameline, Amelita, Aimy, Eimile, Eimilė, Emali, Emallee, Emalia, Emaline, Emilee, Emilie, Emilia, Emelia, Emileigh, Emeleigh, Emmeleigh,  Emelda, Emeli, Emelina, Emelita, Emelie, Emelee, Emiley, Emalei, Emilei,Emalee, Emalia, Emely, Emelye, Emele, Emere, Emera, Emmly, Emilea, Emileah, Emmily, Emilita, Emiliana, Emilija, Emilja, Emiri, Emmi, Emm, Emilka, Emilyia, Emilla, Milka, Milly, Emmlee

Personality traits

Energetic, organized and systematic. Enthusiastic, showing good analytical skills. Good friend and good teacher. Loves traditional values, but adores changes. Good verbal skills, lucky and adaptable.

Emily on You Tube

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