Name – Jayden

  • Gender – Boy
  • The origin of the name – English
  • The meaning of the name – ” heard by God”
  • Name number – 5
  • Colors- Turqoise, Green, Navy blue, Grey, Black, Purple
  • Gems – Aquamarine, Turqoise, Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Black pearl, Lapis lazuli
  • Flowers – Ranunculus, Gardenia
  • Favorable day – Saturday

Variations of the name –

Jaden, Jade, Jadine, Jadyn, Jadon, Jaydyn, Jaydon, Jaydine, Jadin, Jaydin, Jaidyn, Jaedan, Jaeden, Jaedin, Jaedon, Jaedyn, Jaidan, Jaidn, Jaidon, Jaidyn, Jaydan, Jader

Personality traits

Hardworking, dependable, trustworthy. Charming, free spirited, loves changes and travels. Unconventional and eccentric. Good communication skills.

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