Name – Joseph

Gender – Boy

  • The origin of the name – Hebrew
  • The meaning of the name-  “God will add”
  • Name number – 1
  • Colors- Red, Flame, Cardinal, Burgundy, Light green, Light blue,White
  • Gems- Ruby, Garnet, Cat‘s-eye
  • Flowers –  Lily, Purple lilac, Sage, All red flowers
  • Favorable day –  Sunday, Monday, Wednesday
  • Nameday – 11.30

Variations of the name-

Jessop, Jessup, Joop, Joos, Jose, Josef, Joseito, Joselito, Josep, Josip, Josephe, Josephus, Joss, Josslin, Joszef, Jozef, Joseba, Joosef, Joosep, Jooseppi, Joseppe, Joosepi, Jopie, Jopi, Josu, Joza, Joshka, Giuseppe, Juozas, Juozapas, Josif

Personality traits-

Gifted, talented, ambitious and progressive. Loves innovations and freedom. Easily adapts to unknown situation, charming and devoted. Intellectual and knowledgeable, honest, respectful and courteous,  a good judge of character

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