Name – Grayson

  • The origin of the name – English
  • Gender – Boy
  • The name Grayson can be used for both genders
  • The meaning of the name-  The son of a gray haired man
  • Name number- 9
  • Colors – White, Pearl, Clear, Blue, Grey, KhakiAll shining colors
  • Gems – Opal, Hessonite
  • Flowers – MagnoliaMichaelmas daisy, Red poppy, Rosemary, Woodbine
  • Favorable days – Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Nameday-  03.12
  • Variations of the name –

Graysen, Graysun, Graysin, Graysyn, Graysan, Graison, Graisun, Graisen, Graisin,Graisyn, Graisan, Fraeson, Graesun, Graesun, Graesen, Graesin, Graesyn, Greyson, Greysun, Greysin, Greysen, Greysan, Greison, Greisonas

Personality traits-

Peaceful, queit and reflective. Helpful and sincere. Loves privacy and enjoys freedom.Charming, devoted and loyal.  Gentle and kind. Good friend and counselor.Hardworking, not easily fooled or influenced. Natural counselor. Loves mystery and originality. Unconventional and straightforward.

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