Name – Oliver

  • Gender- Boy
  • The origin of the name – Latin, German, Norvegian
  • The meaning of the name-  from the olive tree/ ancestor. Olive tree is a symbol of peace.
  • The name Oliver can be used for both genders
  • Name number –9
  • Colors – White, Pearl, Clear,  Light blue, Pink, Yellow
  • Gems – Opal , Diamond ,Quartz, Crystal, White Sapphire, Tourmaline
  • Flowers – Magnolia, Michaelmas daisy, Red poppy, RosemaryWoodbine
  • Favorable days – Wednesday, Friday
  • Nameday-  July 11
  • Variations of the name-
  • Oliverio, Olivero, Olivier, Oliviero, Olivio, Olivor, Olley, Ollie, Olliver, Ollivor, Oilbhries, Oliveer, Oliveros, Oluvor, Olghar, Noll, Olafr, Alfihar

Personality traits-

Charming, handsome , charismatic and creative. Patient , tolerant and determined. Loves to argue and is not easily fooled. Loves solitude and peace. Deep thinker and has artistic adn refined character. Gentle, kind and hardworking. Good helper, counselor and protector. Daring, bold and independent. Idealistic and humanitarian. Travels much, but always returns home.

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