Name Allie

  • Gender  of the name Allie is – Girl, Boy
  • Name Allie can be used for both genders.
  • The origin of this  name is  English.
  • The meaning of this  name–  This name is  originating from the feminine  names Allison or Alexandra
  • Name number-3
  • Colors – Yellow, GoldLemonBlueGreyKhakiAll shining colors
  • Gems – TopazHessonite
  • Flowers – Yellow jasmineLarkspurLily of the valley
  • Favorable days – Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Nameday- 06.15

Variations of the name-

Ally, Allei

Personality traits

Bright, adventurous, romantic and talkative. Loves travel, leads dynamic and busy lifestyle. Likes to overindulge herself, prone to nervous breakdowns. Hardworking , artistic and creative. Loves to entertain, and likes to dream. Not easily fooled or influenced. Fights for her own freedom and  needs much of private space.

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