Name Anna

  • Gender of the name Anna is a   Girl
  • The origin of this  name is Latin and Hebrew. This name is originating from the latinized Hebrew name Hannah.
  • The meaning of this  name–   the one, graced with God‘s favor
  • Name number –3
  • Colors- Yellow, Gold, Lemon, Pink, Blue, Light purple
  • Gems- Topaz, Yellow sapphire
  • Flowers- Yellow jasmine, Larkspur, Lily of the valley
  • Favorable day- Thursday
  • Nameday- July 26th, September 1st,
  • St. Anne protects against the poverty and sterility. She is the Patron Sainto of the brommakers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, childless people, equestrians, expectant mothers, grandmothers, grandparents, homemakers, horsemen, horse women, housewives, lace makers, lost articles,  miners, old-clothes dealers, poor people, pregnancy, pregnant women, riders, seamstresses, stablemen, turners, women in labor
  • Canada, France, Micmaqs, Brittany,Caserta, Castelleto, Corinaldo, Marsaskala, Molo, Nueva Valencia, Quebec, Taos,

Variations of the name

Annah, Ana,Ann, Anna, Anne, Anya, Ane, Annze, Anouche, Annchen, Anais, Anais, Anaiss,Anays, Ance, Anechka, Aneisha, Anessa, Aneta, Anetta, Anette, Anka, Anki, Anku, Anke, Ania, Anica, Anice, Annaka, Anikee, Anika, Aniki, Aniko, Anita, Anitia, Anitra, Aniya,Anja, Anneett, Annora, Annorah,Anora, Antj, Asenka, Anyuta, Asenke, Anneke, Annas, Anni, Annick, Annie, Anneke, Annyna, Anynah, Anissa, Anny, Annys, Anoush, Ayn, Anyssa, Annikki, Ona, Onute, Onele

Personality traits

Bold and courageous. A pioneer and a risk taker. Charming and enthusiastic. Creative and independent. Romantic, passionate and sensual. Loves to say her word last. Has a good taste and a great sense of style. Original, unconventional and opinionated. Fast thinker and fast learner. Leads a busy lifestyle.

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