Name Brayden Name Brayden

  • Gender of the name Brayden is a  Boy
  • The origin of this  name – Brayden’s name originates from Emglish or Gaelic languages.
  • The meaning of the name – Brayden’s name is understood as “the one from Bradden, the dweller of the broad valley or the one who resembles the salmon”.
  • Who is Brayden’s Patron Saint?
  • His Patron Saint is Saint Brendan, who  is a Patron Saint of the voyagers.
  • Name number – 6
  • Colors – Royal blue, Indigo, White, Light green, Blue, Cream, Grape
  • Gems – Pearl, Sapphire,  Crystal, Quartz, Moonstone, White jade, White Agate
  • Flowers – Rose, Honeysuckle
  • Favorable day- Monday
  • Nameday- Brayden’s Nameday is celebrated on  January 11th, May 16th
  • Variations of the name-

Bradon, Bradon, Braydan,Braydon, Bradan, Braden, Bradin, Bradyn, Braddon, Braddan, Braddin, Braddyn, Bradden, Braydin, Braydyn, Braedon, Braeden, Braeden, Braedan, Braedin, Braedyn, Braidon, Braiden, Braidan, Braidin, Braidyn, Bradene

Personality traits –

Resolute and purposeful. Businessminded and diligent. Honest, trustworthy and reliable. Cautious, but loyal. Fast thinker and fast learner. Loves to overindulge. fan of luxury. Has great intuition. Not easily influenced. Knows what he wants. Creative but stubborn and opinionated at times. Romantic and passionate.

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