Name Harper

  • Gender of the name Harper is a  Girl, Boy
  • The name Harper can be used for both genders
  • The origin of this  name is English.
  • The meaning of this name–  Harper’s name is understood as “The one who plays harps, or the one who makes harps”.
  • Name number- 3
  • Lucky colors – Yellow, GoldLemonOrange, Copper
  • Gems – TopazGarnetRed sapphire
  • Flowers – Yellow jasmine, LarkspurLily of the valley
  • Favorable days – Sunday, Monday
  • Nameday –
  • Variations of the name-

Harpur, Harpar, Harpir, Harpyr

Personality traits

Original, unconventional and authoritative. Loves to please and to entertain. Good judge of character. Careless with money. Creative, intelligent, knowledgeable. Generous and kind. Absent minded and tends to be late. Enthusiastic and free spirited. Not easily trusting, defending her privacy. Loves secrets .Hardworking, trustful and dependable. Succeptible to nervous breakdowns, needs a lot of sleep.

Harper on You Tube

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