Name – Isaac

  • Gender – Boy
  • The origin of the name – Hebrew
  • The meaning of the name-  Full of laughter
  • Name number – 6
  • Colors- Royal blue, Indigo, White, Black, Dark blue, Grey, Purple
  • Gems- Pearl, Sapphire, Blue sapphire, Amethyst, Black pearl, Lapis Lazuli
  • Flowers- Rose, Honeysuckle
  • Favorable day- Saturday
  • Nameday-  April 21st, May 30th, September 9th, October 27th, November 12th, November 30th
  • Variations of the name-

Isaack, Isaak, Isac, Isacco, Isak, Issac, Itzak, Itzhak, Izaak, Izak, Izik, Izsak, Isaakios, Izaokas, Isacius, Sahak,

Personality traits –

Caring, devoted and loyal. Charming , charismatic and cheerful. Artistic, stylish and having a great taste. Courageous and cautious. Original and unconventional. Stubborn at times. Pioneering spirit, has  strong leadership qualities. Loves to take risks. Easily adaptable. Creative and broadminded. Generous, a true humanitarian, though not easily fooled.




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