Name Leah

  • Gender of the name Leah is a  Girl
  • The origin of this  name is Hebrew
  • The meaning of the name– Leah’s name is translated as “the weary one”. This name is mentioned in the Bible.
  • Who is Leah’s Patron Saint?
  • Her Patron Saint is St. Lea of Rome.
  • Memorial day of St. Lea is on March 22nd.
  • Name number – 8
  • Lucky colors- Rose, Pink, Black, Dark blue, Grey, Purple
  • Gems- Diamond, Rose quartz, Blue sapphire, Amethyst, Black pearl, Lapis Lazuli
  • Flowers- Hollyhock, Camelia
  • Favorable day- Saturday
  • Nameday- Leah’s name is celebrated on  March 22nd
  • Variations of the name –

Leia, Leigha, Lia, Leeya, Lėja, Leja

Personality traits 

Original, creative and resolute. Purposeful and hardworking. Successful and lucky. Cautious, competitive and not easily trusting. Talkative, imaginative and a good judge of character. Tight with money, though a great entertainer. A talented musician.

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