Name – Lucas

  • Gender – Boy
  • St.Luke the Evangelist is a Patron Saint of artists, bachelors, bookbinders, brewers, butchers, doctors, glassmakers and glassworkers, goldsmiths, lacemakers, laceworkers, notaries, painters, physicians, sculptors, stained glass workers, surgeons, unmarried men, Capena, Hermersdorf
  • The origin of the name –  Multiple origin: Latin/ English
  • The meaning of the name-  A man from Lucania/ bringer of light
  • Name number – 2
  • Colors – Orange, Peach, Salmon, Gold, White, Light blue, Pink, Yellow
  • Gems – Gold, Moonstone, Diamond ,Quartz,Crystal, White Sapphire, Tourmaline
  • Flowers- White jasmine, White lilac, Mimosa, Pansy
  • Favorable day- Wednesday, Friday
  • Nameday- February 17th, March 2nd, May 30th, October 18th,
  • Variations of the name

Lukas, Luciano, Loucas, Loucan, Louccan, Loukas, Lucus, Lukus, Luke

Personality traits

Loyal and friendly. Courageous and creative. Free spirited, light hearted and cheerful. Charming, charismatic and inspirational. Good negotiatior. Lucky and open minded. Loves to criticise. Leads a busy lifestyle. Reliable and trustworthy. Artistic and stylish. Good verbal skills

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