Name Angel 

  • Gender of the name Angel is a – Boy, Girl
  • The name Angel can be used for both genders
  • The origin of this  name is Greek
  • The meaning of this  name- Angel’s name is translated as “The messenger of God”
  • Name number –3
  • Colors- Yellow, Gold, Lemon, Black, Dark blue, Grey, Purple
  • Gems- Topaz, Blue sapphire, Amethyst, Black pearl, Lapis Lazuli
  • Flowers- Yellow jasmine, Larkspur, Lily of the valley
  • Favorable day- Saturday
  • Nameday- Angel’s Nameday is celebrated on January 4th, May 1st, July 7th
Variations of the name

Andjelko, Ange, Angelino, Angell, Angelmo, Angelo, Angelus, Angie, Angy, Anio, Andel, Andeol, Andeolus, Angelelmus, Anjel, Anjelo, Anjoli

Personality traits

Artistic and charismatic. Creative and opinionated. Good verbal skills and scientific way of thinking. Dynamic and busy life style. Fast thinker and a  fast learner. Not easily influenced. Needs much privacy and sleep. Cautious and doubtful when making decisions. Travels much, adapts easily. Stylish and unconventional.

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