Name – Aubrey

  • Gender – This name is usually given to a girl. However long time ago this name used to be masculine name.
  • The origin of the name – English/French/German. his name is an English given name. Roots of this name come from Norman. It is thought that is a derivation of the Germanic given name Alberic, which consists of the elements aelf “elf” and ric “power”. Thus this name has the meaning of “Fair Ruler of the Little People”.
  • The meaning of the name- the one who rules with the wisdom of the elves/the noble bearlike
  • Patron Saint – St. Aubrey (Alberick)
  • Nameday – May 4, January 26
  • Name number- 9
  • Lucky colors for her are – White, pearl, clear, red, pink
  • Gems – Opal, coral, red agate, carnelian, sange moose
  • Flowers – Magnolia for grief, Michaelmas daisy for farewell, red poppy for consolation, rosemary for remembrance, woodbine for fraternal love
  • Favorable day – Tuesday, Friday

Variations of the name

Aubree, Aubrie, Aubry, Aubri, Aubriana, Aubrianne, Aubrianna, Aubrea, Aubreah, Auberon, Aubree, Aubrie

Personality of Aubrey

Aubrey is highly intuitive, hardworking and seriouslu very fortunate. She has a bright multifaceted and multitalented personality. She strives to perfection and works diligently. She has a dramatic talent, loves artistic work and loves everything spiritual. She is compassionate, industrious and trustowrthy.

Aubrey on You Tube

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