Name Aleema

  • Gender of the name Aleema is – a  Girl
  • The origin of this name is Arabic
  • The meaning of this  name is ” Wise or a Sea maiden”
  • Name number- 1
  • Colors- Red, Flame, Cardinal, Burgundy, Golden, Yellow, Orange, Copper
  • Gems –Ruby, Garnet,Red sapphire
  • Flowers- Lily, Purple lilac, Sage, All red flowers
  • Favorable days- Sunday, Monday
  • Variations of the name-

Alima, Alyma, Alymah, Aleemah, Aliema, Aleima, Aleimah, Aleama, Aleamah

Personality traits

Graceful and charming. Fast thinker and a fast learner. Reliable and trustworthy. Hardworking and goal oriented. Original and unconventional.

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