Name Bella

Gender of the name Bella is – a  Girl

The origin of the name –  This name is of Italian origin.

The meaning of the name– Bella’s name is translated from Italian as  “The beautiful one”

Patron Saints – Bella’s Patron Saints are St. Belina, Saint Berlindis of Meerbeke

Memorial days – February 19, February 3

Name number- 5

Colors – Turqoise, Green- blue, Green, Light shades of brown, Smoky grey, White

Gems- Aquamarine, Turqoise, Emerald

FlowersRanunculus, Gardenia

Favorable days- Wednesday, Friday

Nameday- Bella’s Nameday is celebrated on  February 22 and November 2

Variations of the name-

Belle, Bela, Bell, Belita, Belissa, Belva, Belladonna, Belia, Bellanca, Bellance, Bellini, Bellaude, Berlinda, Berlindis

Personality traits

Romantic, sensual and emotional. Sparkling personality. Fast thinker and fast learner.  Good communication skills. Dynamic, busy and loving risk. Financial ups and downs. Easily adaptable, though needs much of private space.

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