Name – Jordan

  • Gender – Boy, Girl
  • The origin of the name – Hebrew
  • The meaning of the name-  the one of the down flowing river
  • Patron Saint – Blessed Jordan of Saxony
  • Memorial day – February 13
  • Name number -8
  • Colors – Rose, Pink, White, Light green, Blue, Cream, Grape
  • Gems- Diamond, Rose quartz, Pearls, Crystal, Quartz, Moonstone, White jade, White Agate
  • Flowers- Hollyhock, Camelia
  • Favorable days- Monday
  • Nameday- February 17, February 15
  • Variations of the name-

Johrdan, Jordain, Jordaine, Jordane, Jordanke, Jordann, Jorden, Jordaen, Joradene, Jordyan, Jordayne, Jourdayne, Jordenn, Jordie, Jordin, Jordyn, Jordynn, Jorey, Jori, Jorie, Jorrdan, Jorry, Jourdan, Jourdain, Jourdayn, Jourdane, Jourdaene, Jordell, Jordel, Jordy, Jordey, Jordi, Jory, Jordon, Jourdana, Jourdon

Personality traits-

Strong , reliable and trustworthy. Strong desire to succeed and competitive spirit. Self sufficient and independent. Loves to have the last word. Immense willpower. Original and unconventional.

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