Name Lauren

  • Gender of the name Lauren is a  Girl
  • The origin of this  name is French
  • The meaning of this name- Lauren’s name is translated into English as   “crowned with laurel,  the one from the laurel tree“
  • Name number – 8
  • Lucky Colors –  Rose, Pink, Blue, Grey, Khaki, All shining colors
  • Gems – Diamond, Rose quartz, Hessonite
  • Flowers – Hollyhock, Camelia
  • Favorable day- Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Nameday – Lauren’s Nameday is celebrated on  November 11th, August 10th
  • Variations of the name-

Laren, Larentia, Larentina, Larenzina, Larren,  Laryn, Larryn, Larsina, Larsine, Laurenne, Laurin, Lauryn, Laurynn, Laurena,Laurene, Laureen, Lareen, Lorraine, Loriana, Lorena


Charming and graceful. Resolute and purposeful. Attractive and feminine. Lucky , easy going, free- spirited. Adapts easily and recuperates well. Romantic, curious, original and unconventional. Cautious, and persuasive. Defends her grounds, needs privacy. Has exquisite taste. Has great verbal skills.

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