Name Teigan Teigan

  • Gender of a name Teigan is a Girl
  • The origin of this  name is Irish. 
  • The meaning of this  name is ” The Poet”  In Gaelic language  the word for poet is tadhg.  It is thought to be derived from the Irish family name Ó Tadhgáin.
  • Who is Teigan’s Patron Saint?
  • Patron Saints – St. Tegwin (St. Tudy). Memorial of St. Tudy is on May 11th.
  • Name number- 2
  • Colors – Orange, Peach, Salmon, Golden, Yellow, Copper
  • Gems – Gold, Moonstone, Ruby, Garnet, Red sapphire
  • Flowers- White jasmine, White lilac, Mimosa, Pansy
  • Favorable day- Sunday, Monday
  • Nameday-
  • Variations of the name-

Teagan, Keagan, Meagan, Reagan

Personality traits-

Romantic, sensual and compassionate. Stands for her grounds and defends her opinion.Good verbal skills. Loves privacy and mystery. Adventurous and adaptable. Fast thinker and a fast learner. Never gives up, does not trust easily.

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