Name Chloe

  • Gender of the name  Chloe is -a  Girl
  • The origin of this name  is – Greek
  • The meaning of the name–  this  name means the  “Young green shoot, blooming”.
  • This  is  one of the names of   Greek goddess Demeter
  • Name number- 7
  • Colors –  Violet, Purple, Black, Dark blue, Grey, Purple
  • Gems- Amethyst, Alexandrite, Blue sapphire, Black pearl, Lapis Lazuli
  • Flowers – Lavender, Rose-scented geranium
  • Favorable day- Saturday
  • Nameday- June 3

Variations of the name –

Chloe, Chlöe,  Chloë, Clo, Cleye, Khloe, Clowy, Kloe, Khloë, Khloé, Kloé , Chlojė,  Chloja

Personality traits

Charming and  feminine, she is a girl that  has a great sense of style. Chloe is also persistent, motivated and a great judge of character. She is a good friend and a great counselor.  If she is your friend, you already noticed her  great sense of humor and refined logic. Chloe loves freedom and travels much. She is knowledgeable,  independent and lucky.

Chloe on You Tube

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