Name Isabella

  • Gender of the name Isabella is a  Girl
  • The origin of this  name – Isabella’s name is originated from Spanish and Hebrew languages.
  • The meaning of this name  – Isabella’s name is a Spanish version of a Name  Elizabeth. Name Eliazabeth is translated into English as “My God is bountiful”
  • Name number- 7
  • Lucky colors – Violet, Purple, White, Light green, Cream, Grape, Blue
  • Gems – Amethyst, Alexandryte, Pearls, Crystal, Quartz, Moonstone, White jade, White agate
  • Flowers – Lavender, Rose-scented geranium
  • Favorable day – Monday
  • Is the name Isabella Saint? Yes.
  • Nameday – February 22

Variations of the name-

Isabel, Isabeau, Isabela, Isabele, Isabelita, Isabell, Isobella, Isabelle, Ishebel, Isobel, Isobella, Isobelle, Issie, Issy, Izabel, Izabella,Izabelle, Izzie, Izzy, Ibby, Ib, Ibbi, Isa, Isiheal, Isibelle, Isibel, Isibell, Isibella, Isibela, Isahel, Isahell, Isahelle, Iseabal, Isobail, Isobael, Isohel, Izabele, Izabela

Personality traits

Charming, feminine, trustful and devoted. Quite opinionated and  not easily influenced. Timid but friendly. Loves freedom and independence. Fast thinker, fast learner, adaptable and versatile. Loves adventures and travel, romantic and lucky. Strong verbal skills, eloquent and graceful.

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