Name – Mason

  • The origin of the name – English
  • Gender – Boy
  • The name Mason can be  used for both genders
  • The meaning of the name –  “the one who works with a stone”
  • Name number- 8
  • Colors – RosePinkWhiteLight green, BlueCreamGrape
  • Gems – Diamond, Rose quartz, Pearls, Crystal, Quartz, Moonstone, White jade, White Agate
  • Flowers – HollyhockCamelia
  • Favorable days – Monday
  • Nameday – December 10, December 30
  • Variations of the name-
  • Masun, Masen, Masan, Masin, Masyn, Masson, Massun, Massen, Massan, Massin, Massyn, Masos

Personality traits – Hardworking, resolute and purposeful. Trustful and reliable. Cautious, conservative, good bargainer. Charismatic and charming. Loves novelties and romantic adventures. Passionate and loving. Defends family values and his own standing. Good teacher and counselor

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