American names for Baby Girls – J

  • Jacey – a form of a name Jacinda –the one who resembles the hyacynth
  • Jairdan – the one who educates others
  • Jalen – the one who is calm, the healer
  • Jalia – the noble one
  • Janeeva – the one who resembles the junpier
  • Jaunie – the brave one
  • Jaxine – a form of a name Jacinda – the one who resmbles the hyacynth
  • Jazellei – the promissed one
  • Jearl – a form of a name Pearl – the one who resembles a pearl
  • Jeorjia– a form of a name Georgia- – the one who works with Earth
  • Jorryn – the one who is loved by God
  • Journey – the one who likes to travel












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