American names for Baby Girls – M

  • Macha– Aurora
  • Magena – the one who is protected
  • Magic– the one who is full of wonder and surprise
  • Maheona – a medicine woman
  • Mahtova– a sacred she- bear
  • Makato – the one of the blue earth
  • Makya – the huntress of eagles
  • Malila – the one who is like a salmon
  • Mansi – the one who resembles a picked flower
  • Massachussets – the one from the big hill
  • Matisoon-the giver of life
  • Maverick – the one who is wild and free
  • Maylin – the one of the wondrous waterfall
  • Meadow – the one from the beautiful field
  • Melisha – a form of a name Alisha – a woman of the nobility
  • Meoquanee –lady in red
  • Miakoda – the one who has a power of the moon
  • Michigan – the one from the great waters
  • Mickey – a form of a name Michael –Who is like God
  • Migina – born beneath the returning moon
  • Mikaia – the one of God‘s green earth
  • Minal – the one who is sweet like fruit
  • Minnesota– the one from the sky-tinted waters
  • Minowa– the one who has a moving voice
  • Minor – a young woman
  • Minya – the older sister
  • Misae – the one who is born beneath the white sun
  • Mississippi– the one of the great river
  • Missouri – the one from the town of large canoes
  • Misty – the one who is covered with dew
  • Misu – the one of the rippling waters
  • Mitena –the one who is born beneath the new moon
  • Moesha – the one who is drawn from the water

































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