American names for Baby girls – N

  • Nakeisha – a form of a name Keisha- the favorite child
  • Namid – the star dancer
  • Nascha – the one who resembles an owl
  • Nashota– the second born of twins
  • Nayeli –the one who loves and the one who is loved
  • Nebraska – the one from the flat waterland
  • Netis – the one who is trustworthy
  • Nevaeh – the child from heaven
  • Niabi – the one who resembles a fawn
  • Nida – an elflike woman
  • Night – the one who was born in the evening
  • Nina – a fiery one
  • Nita– the one who resembles a bear
  • Nizhoni – a beautiful woman
  • Nokomis – the daughter of the moon
  • Nova– a butterfly chaser
  • November – born in November
  • Nuttah –child of my heart


















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