Name – Nicholas

  • Gender- Boy
  • The origin of the name – Greek
  • The meaning of the name- The victorious one, of victorious people
  • Name number –
  • Colors- White, Pearl, Clear, Golden, Yellow, Orange, Copper
  • Gems- Opal, Ruby, Garnet, Red sapphire
  • Flowers- Magnolia, Michaelmas daisy, Red poppy, Rosemary, Woodbine
  • Favorable day- Sunday, Monday
  • Nameday- December 6th
  • Variations of the name-

Nicanor, Niccolo, Nichol,Nicholai, Nicholauss, nichole,nicholl, Nichols, Nicklas, Nickolas, nickolaus, Nicol, Nicola, Nicolaas, Nicolai, nicolao, Nicolas, Nicolaus, Nicolay, Niklaas, Niklas, Niklos, Nikolai, Nikolaus, Nikolas, Nikolay, Nikolos, Nikos, Nilos, Neacal, Neakail, Nickson, Nick, Niko, Nico, Nikkos, Niko

Personality traits-

Trusting, honest and a bit naive. Kind , helpful and generous. Good friend and counselor. Great judge of character. Reliable, trustworthy and hardworking. Has a strong willpower. Stylish, original and unconventional. Charming, loyal, lucky and devoted.Charismatic and cheerful. Stylish, adaptable and artistic. Competitive and successful. Needs much privacy.

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  1. The name Nicholas comes across as kind and strong to me, can’t say why, it just does.

    Thank you for the visit to maxiscomments.

    Blessings – Maxi

  2. It is a strong name for sure. Thanks for dropping by. You are always welcome:)

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