Name – Samuel

  • Gender – Boy
  • The origin of the name – Hebrew
  • The meaning of the name-  God has heard
  • Name number – 8
  • Colors-  Rose, Pink, Blue, Grey, Khaki, All shining colors
  • Gems- Diamond, Rose quartz, Hessonite
  • Flowers- Hollyhock, Camelia
  • Favorable day- Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Nameday- February 16, August 20, August 26, October 13,
  • Variations of the name:

Sam, Sammie,Sammy, Samuele, Samuello,Samwell, Samuelo, Sammey, Sammi, Sammee,Sammea, Samoel, Sammoel, Samuelis, Samukka, Schmuel

Personality traits:

Strong, resolute and purposeful.Practical and domestic. Dilligent and hardworking. Lucky and passionate. Good communicator, not easily fooled. Conservative, though easily adaptable. Frequent traveller, dynamic and busy. Independent and creative. Not easily trusting. Doubtful and cautious.

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