Name – Abdon 

Gender – Boy

The origin of the name – Hebrew

The meaning of the name –  “Servant”

Patron Saint – St.Abdon (Feast day – July 30th)

St. Abdon is recognized as a Christian martyr. No other information about him has survived. However he is comemorated at July 30th.

Patronage – barrel makers, coopers, children. St. Abdon is  invoked for good harvest and burying the dead. He is a Patron Saint of  Pescia; Sahagún, León; Calasparr.

Nameday – July 30

Variations of the name :

Avdon, Abdo, Abdus

St. Abdon may be a Patron Saint of a baby with a name:

Abhner, Abner, Avner, Abna, Abnar, Abnor, Absalom, Avner, Absolom, Absolon, Absalon, Asplin, Aspling, Ebner, Avdon

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