Name- Adela

Gender- Girl

The origin of the name – German

The meaning of the name – the noble one

Patron Saints – St. Adela

Memorial day – December 24

Nameday – December 16

Variations of the name-

Adele, Adelia, Adella, Adelle, Adalene, Adelie, Adelina, Adali, Adalheida, Adilene, Adelaide, Adalaide, Adalaid, Adalayde, Adelaid, Adelayde, Adelade, Ada, Adalajda, Adelicia, Adelinda, Adeline, Adelheid, Adelheide, Adelisa, Adelise, Adelita, Adelynn, Adelyte, Adalicia, Ady, Adalina, Adaline, Adaliz, Adalyn, Addie


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