Name- Agatha

Gender – Girl

The origin of the name – Greek

The meaning of the name – Good and kind

Patron Saints – St. Agatha

Patronage –

bell- founders, against breast cancer, against breast disease, against earthquakes, against eruptions of Mount Etna,  against fire, against natural disasters, against sterility, against volcanic eruptions, fire prevention, jewelers, martyrs, nurses, rape victims, single laywomen,torture victims,wet-nurses

Nameday- February 5, December 12

Variations of the name-

Agathe,Agathie, Agathy, Agathi, Agata, Agotha, Agota, Agytha, Agathyah, Agatah, Agathia, Agacia, Agafia, Agaue, Aggie, Agi, Agoti, Agueda

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