Name – Bernadine

Gender – Girl

The origin of the name – English

The meaning of the name – the  one who is strong like a bear, a form of a name Bernard

Patron Saint –

Saint Bernard of Sienna

Patronage –

advertisers, advertising, against hoarseness, chest problems, communications personnel, compulsive gambling, gambling addicts, lung problems, lungs,
public relations personnel, public relations work, respiratory problems
Carpi, Castelspina, Trevignano Romano, Italy ,San Bernardino, California, diocese of

Nameday –

May 20

Variations of the name:

Bernadina, Bernadette, Bernadetta, Berdina, Berdine, Berdyne, Berdyna, Beranger, Berndea,  Bernarda, Bernetta, Bernette,  Bernita, Bernelle, Berna, Berneen,  Bernardina, Bernardine, Berne, Bern

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