Name – Beronica 

Gender – Girl

The origin of the name – English

The meaning of the name – a form of a name  Veronica/the one who displays the true image

Patron Saint –

Saint Veronica

Patronage –

laundry workers, photographers

Nameday – July 12

Variations of the name:

Beronicah, Beronic, Beronicca,  Beronicka, Beronika, Beronicha, Beronique, Beranique,  Beroniqua, Berronica, Beronice, Baronica, Baronika, Berhonica, Berinica, Berohnica, Bironica, Bironiqua,  Bironika, Bironique,  Beronka, Beronkia,  Beronne,  Byronica, Bronica,  Bronika, Brnoniqua, Brnoique,  Byronique, Byronika, Beruka,  Beruszka

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