Name – Britney

Gender – Girl

The origin of the name – English

The meaning of the name-  a form of a name  Britanny/ a woman from Great Britain

Patron Saint – St. Britannion of Tomi, St. Britta

Memorial day – January 25, January 15

Nameday- 02.01; 12.17 

Variations of the name –

Britany, Brittanie, Brittaney, Brittani, Brittanee, Britnee, Britny, Britni, Britnė, Britinie, Brittania, Brittnee, Brittni, Brittnie, Brittney, Brittny, Brettany, Nrettani, Brettanie, Brfettaney, Brettanee, Britaine, Britaina, Britani, Britania, Brittanya

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