Name Bosco Name Bosco

Gender- Gender of the name Bosco is a Boy

The origin of this  name  is Italian

The meaning of the name – Bosco’s name originates from a name of Italian Saint

Patron Saints –  St. John Bosco

He  is a patron of  Christian apprentices, editors, publishers, schoolchildren, young people, magicians

Name number- 9

Colors- White, Pearl, Clear, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Light purple

Gems-  Opal, Yellow topaz, Yellow Sapphire

Flowers- Magnolia, Michaelmas daisy, Red poppy, Rosemary, Woodbine

Favorable days- Thursday

Nameday – Bosco’s Nameday is celebrated on January 31st

Variations of the name- None

Personality traits-

Sensitive and emotional. Good partner and a loyal friend. Good counselor and natural healer. Stands his grounds. Not easily convicted. Needs someone to love and to nurture. Jealous and possessive. Magnetic  and mysterious personality. Artistic character and good sense of style. Creative, cheerful, creative and likable.

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