Name SophieName Sophie

  • Gender of the name Sophie is a Girl
  • The origin of this  name is Greek.
  • The meaning of this  name-  Sophie’s name is translated  as “The one who has a great wisdom and insight”
  • Who is Sophie’s Patron Saint?
  • Her Patron Saint is Saint Sophia. Her Memorial day is on August 1st.
  • Name number- 9
  • Colors- White, Pearl, Clear, Green, Turqoise, Light shades of brown, Smoky grey
  • Gems – Opal,  Emerald
  • Flowers – Magnolia, Michaelmas daisy, Red poppy, Rosemary, Woodbine
  • Favorable days – Wednesday, Friday
  • Nameday- Sophie’s Nameday is celebrated on  August 1st.
  • Variations of the name-

Sophia, Sofiya ,Sofie, Sofia, Sofi, Sofiko, Sofiyko,Sofronia, Sophronia, Sophy, Sonia, Sonya, Sonja, Sofija, Sofja, Zofija

Personality traits-

Artistic, creative and blessed. Intuitive and purposeful. Not easily fooled. Great judge of character. Compassionate and inquisitive. Bright and intelligent. Adventurous and courageous. Loves her home, defends her grounds.

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