Name –  Abbot

Gender –  Boy

The origin of the name – English

The meaning of the name –”  the leader of the monastery”

Nameday – January 17th 

Patron Saint – St. Anthony the Abbot, memorial day- January 17th or January 30th

Patronage –  against eczema, against epilepsy, against ergotism, against erysipelas, against pestilence, against Saint Anthony’s Fire, against skin diseases, against skin rashes; Also amputees, animals, basket makers, basket weavers, brushmakers, butchers, cemetery workers, domestic animals, epileptics, gravediggers, graveyards, hermits, hogs, Hospitallers, monks, pigs, relief from pestilence, swine, swineherd. In the past, many skin diseases, including ergotism, erysipelas, and shingles, were historically referred to as “St. Anthony’s fire.”

Variations of the name-

Abbot, Abot, Abott

St. Anthony the Abbot was also known as Anthony the Great or Antony the Great ,  Saint Anthony, or ‘Anthony of Egypt’, Anthony the Abbot, Anthony of the Desert, Anthony the Anchorite, Anthony of Thebes, Abba Antonius , and Father of All Monks. He was a Christian saint from Egypt, and a prominent leader among the Desert Fathers. Anthony has lived ascetic life and was the first the first known ascetic going into the wilderness. He has never created a monastery, but was famous for his ascetism and devotion.St. Anthony is said to have faced a series of supernatural temptations during his pilgrimage to the desert. He is regarded as the father of monasticism and all forms of religious life.

St. Abbot may be a Patron Saint of your baby, if he has a name of:

Abbot, Abhoid, Abott, Abbe, Abad, Abate, Abbott


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