May 25 -th

Flower of the Day – Common rhododendron 

Common rhododendron - A Flower of May 25th

Common rhododendron – A Flower of May 25th


Scientific name – Rhododendron ponticum

Holidays and Celebrations

  • Africa Day
  • African Liberation Day
  • Missing Children’s Day
  • Day of Youth
  • Geek Pride Day
  • Towel Day
  • Argentina – National Day
  • Lebanon – Liberation Day

Happy Nameday to

  • Adelmo, Almantas, Almantė, Anitra, Ansalvs,
  • Beda, Bedas, Boryslaw, Celeste, Celestine,
  • Ciemvaldis, Danutė, Dunchadh, Epifan, Erminio,
  • Evelina, Gregor, Gregorio, Grgur, Grzegorz,
  • Gunita, Heribert, Imisalwa, Madalyn, Madeleine,
  • Madeline, Madelyn, Madilyn, Magdalena, Magdalene,
  • Maria, Marlee, Marleen, Marlena, Marlene, Marley,
  • Miriam, Orban, Sonia, Sophie, Urban, Urbo,
  • Urbonas, Urpo, Ursula, Urve, Urves, Valentin,
  • Valentina, Vanesa, Viola, Vsevlad, Vsevolod,
  • Герман, Денис
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