Name – Abba

Gender – Boy

The origin of the name – Hebrew

The meaning of the name –  “The Father”

Nameday – July 1st, August 28th

Patronage – Africa, nonviolence

Variations of the name:


St. Abba is also called Moses the Black. He was a coptic saint. As a young man he was a slave of Egypt goverment.  He was a part of a gang and  soon became a leader of the bandits. However one day, when he was trying to hide from local authorities, Moses was obliged to take a shelter with some monks in a colony in the desert  then called Sketes, near Alexandria.  Monactic life and peace of the monks infulenced him deeply. He gave up his old life and became a Christian. Moses joined the monastic community at Scetes. He became a spiritual leader of hermits and later was ordained as a priest. He was martyred  after the gang of robbers attacked the monastery. Moses  refused to fight the aggressors and greeted them behind the gates. St. Abba or St. Moses is honored as an apostle of non-violence. He is also considered to be a Patron Saint of Africa. A fest day of St. Abba is on July 1st or August 28th.

St. Abba may be  a Patron Saint of your baby, if he has a name of

Abdul, Abdul, Abdullah, Abdulla

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