July 2-nd

White Lily

White Lily

July 2-nd in the Calendar

This  is the 183rd day of the year . There are still 182 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the Day  – White lily (dedicated to Virgin Mary ) 

Scientific name– Lilium candidum

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Aberoh ( or Aburom, Arianus)
  • St. Atom
  • St. Acestes
  • St. Ariston and Companions
  • St. Bernardino Realino
  • Bl. Eugenia Joubert
  • St. Lidanus
  • St. Monegundis
  • St. Otto of Bamberg
  • St. Oudaceus
  • St. Processus and  St.Martinianus (Martinian)

Holidays and Celebrations of July 2-nd

  • Bahia – Independence Day
  • Curaçao – Flag Day
  • Siena -Palio di Provenzano (Siena)
  • World UFO Day
  • United Sates- National Literacy Day
  • First flight of a Zeppelin in 1900

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Berta, Bertin, Bertina, Dauma, Gantautė, Ilvars,
  • Jakob, Jotvingas, Juda, Lauma, Maija, Maiju,
  • Maikki, Mari, Maria, Martiniano, Martinien, Martinijan,
  • Martirijonas, Marynian, Martys, Meeri, Maaria, Marika,
  • Kukka – Maria, Milve, Milvi, Othello, Otis, Oton, Otto,
  • Ottone, Patricie, Penelope, Penny, Petrus, Petunia,
  • Piotr, Procesas, Rosa, Rosita, Teodorico, Teobaldo,
  • Urban, Vidal, Vineta, Višnja, Vistacion,Wiltrud,
  •  Варлаам, Зосим, Иван, Иудаm Мария, Фаддей, Ян, Урбан
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