June 13-th

Persian Buttercup

Persian Buttercup

June 13-th in the Calendar

Flower of the day – Persian Buttercup ( dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua)

Scientific name-  Ranunculus asiaticus

Holidays and celebrations of June 13-th

  • St. Anthony of Padua –  Patron Saint of the poor, the illiterate, young lovers, barren women, lost articles and careless people. He is also patron Sainf of Portugal and Brazil
  • St. Cetteus (Peregrinus) – the Patron Saint of Pescara (Italy)
  • USA- Beoynd the Solar System Day
  • USA- Kitchen Klutzes of America Day- this day America celebrates the not -so – accomplished cook

We wish Happy Nameday to:

  • Aina, Ainars, Akvilina, Alice, Anett, Andoni,
  • Antal, Antanas, Antonin,  Antanina, Antoine,
  • Anton, Antoni, Antonia, Antonio, Antonius,
  • Antun, Bernhard, Chociemir, Coireall, Damhnait,
  • Davnit, Eila, Genadij, Ivey, Ivy, Joel,
  • Herman, Kalyna, Lara, Larissa, Lucjan, MacNisse,
  • Maria, Magdalena, Monika, Moonika, Mooni,
  • Raila, Raili, Skalvė, Tautvaldis, Tobiasz, Tobiaš,
  • Tobijs, Trifilios, Uva, Igrfids, Zigrids
  • Поликарп, Роман, Христина, Антон, Люциан
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