June 17-th

Yellow MonkeyFlower

Yellow MonkeyFlower

June 17-th in the Calendar 

This is the 168th day of the year . There are still 197 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day  -Yellow Monkey Flower (dedicated to St. Nicander) 

Scientific name – Mimulus luteus

Holidays and Celebrations of June 17-th

  • Bunker Hill Day (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
  • Christian Feast Day:
  • St. Albert Chmielowski
  • St. Botolph 
  • St. Gondulphus of Berry
  • St. Hervé
  • St. Hypatius of Bithynia 
  • St. Rainerius
  • Iceland – National Day, celebrates the independence of Iceland from Kingdom of Denmark in 1944.
  • Latvia – Soviet Occupation Day 
  • West Germany, -from 1954 to 1990, the Day of German Unity
  • World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 
  • International Violin Dday
  • Zemla Intifada Day 
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill Day
  • United Sates- Good Roads Day

We Wish Happy Nameday to:

  • Alcine, Alena, Adolf, Adolfa, Adolfas, Adolfina,
  • Adlof, Adolis, Agnieszka, Aidan, Alena, Alf,
  • Alida, Aodhan, Artis, Arturs, Barbarigo, Bratoljub,
  • Botolf, Caomhan, Colman, Daugantas, Drogomysl,
  • Enta, Eugen, Felix, Franciszek, Gregorio, Grigalius,
  • Grgur, Harvey, Hervé, Ignacy, Isauro, Ismael,
  • Ismail, Kenno, Lamar, Laura, Lemar, Manuele,
  • Marcjan, Montano, Radomil, Rainer, Torborg,
  • Torvald, Urho, Vilmantė, Volker,
  •  Александр, Афанасий, Валерий, Елизар,
  • Зосима, Кирилл, Леонтий, Мария, Марк,
  • Марфа, Мефодий, Митрофан, Николай,
  • Северин, Силан, Лаура, Адольф
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