June 29-th

Yellow Rattle

Yellow Rattle

June 29-th in the Calendar

This is the 180th day of the year. There are still 185 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Yellow rattle (dedicated to St. Peter ) 

Scientific name – Rhinanthus  galli

Christian Feast Day 

  • St. Cassius of Narni
  • St. Cocha
  • St. Mary Salome
  • St. Peter – a Patron Saint of good weather
  • St. Paul – a Patron Saint of good weather
  • Sts. Salome & Judith
  • Bl. Yakym Senkivsky

Holidays and Celebrations of June 29-th

  • Netherlands- Veterans Day
  • Seychelles – Independence Day
  • Runic New Year

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Asen, Beatrix, Benedykta, Benita, Benitas, Benius,
  • Chavdar, Ciro, Dalebor, David, Emma, Emmett,
  • Gedrimė, Gero, Heaven, Judith, Kamen, Mantgirdas,
  • Pablo, Pal, Parnell, Parnella, Paul, Pauls,
  • Paulius, Pavla, Pavlos, Pavol, Pawel, Pedro,
  • Peedo, Peedu, Peet, Peeter, Pekka, Pekko,
  • Petar, Pete, Peter, Petra, Petrana, Petr,
  • Petras, Petri, Petrus, Pietari, Petula, Petteri,
  • Pierce, Piotr, Paola, Paolo, Pavao, Pavel,
  • Pavils, Povilas, Paulė, Paulus, Pierre, Pietro,
  • Salome, Siro, Евтропий, Тигрий, Тихон,
  • Михаил, Павел, Пётр
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