June 4-th

Flower of June 4-th

China pink

June 4-th in the Calendar

This is the 155th day of the year . There are still  210 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day– China pink (dedicated to St. Quirinus)

Scientific name  –  Dianthus chinensis 

Holidays and Celebrations of June 4-th

  • Christian Feast Day:
  • St. Alexander
  • St. Aretius
  • St. Breaca
  • St. Clateus
  • St. Cornelius of Armagh
  • St. Croidan
  • St. Elsiar
  • St. Francis Caracciolo
  • St. Metrophanes of Byzantium
  • St. Nennoc
  • St. Optatus of Milevis
  • St. Petroc of Cornwall
  • St. Quirinus of Sescia
  • St. Rutilius and Companions
  • St. Saturnina 
  • St. John XXIII 
  • St. Walter
  • Finland – Birthday of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim & Flag Day celebration of the Finnish Defence Forces
  • Estonia – Flag day
  • Hungary- National Unity Day
  • Tonga- Emancipation Day or Independence Day
  • International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression 
  • Tianmen Square Massacre Memorial Day

We wish Happy Nameday to

  • Aadolf, Bazyliusz, Bulcsú, Christa, Clotilde, Colman,
  • Cora, Coral, Corc, Coretta, Corey, Cori,
  • Corina, Corine, Corinne, Corrigan, Corrin, Cory,
  • Dacjan, Dalibor, Dausprungas, Deimena, Elfrida,
  • Emma, Eva, Franz, Franciszek, Frederika, Gaigala,
  • Goscimil, Holmfrid, Homer, Iona, Isabella, Karol,
  • Karp, Klothilde, Kori, Kory, Korin, Korringan,
  • Kory, Kvirin, Kornelijus, Lena, Lenka, Martha,
  • Noemi, Pranciškus, Querino, Quirin, Quirino,
  • Rut, Ruth, Saturnina, Sintija, Solveig, Solbritt,
  • Tiarnach, Toivo, Tõivo, Tõivot, Tõivotu,  Tõivu,
  • Ultan, Vincentas, Vincenta, Werner,  Василиск,
  • Владимир, Данила, Иван, Макар, Михаил,
  • Павел, София, Карл, Франциск
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