July 11-th

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisy

July 11-th in the Calendar

This  is the 192-nd day of the year . There are still  173 days remaining until the end of this  year.

Flower of the day  – Oxeye daisy (dedicated to St. Barnabas) 

Scientific name – Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Abundius
  • St. Amabilis
  • St. Alexis – A Patron Saint of Beggars
  • St. Benedict of Nursia – a P atron Saint of schoolchidlre. He is alos a Patron Saint ofmEurope, farmworkers, coppersmiths and dying
  • St. Cindeus
  • St. Drostan
  • St. Hidulphus
  • St. Januarius and Pelagia
  • St. John of Bergamo
  • St. Leontius the Younger
  • St. Marcian
  • St. Olga
  • St. Oliver Plunkett
  • St. Pius I
  • St. Sabinus
  • Sts. Sabinus & Cyprian
  • St. Turketil

Holidays and Celebrations of July 11-th

  • Belgium – Day of the Flemish Community
  • China -China National Maritime Day
  • Northern Ireland Eleventh Night
  • Kiribati – Gospel Day
  • Mongolia – The first day of Naadam, also known as Revolution Day
  • Northern Ireland Eleventh Night
  • International World Population Day
  • Bowdler’s Day
  • United States- Cheer Up The Lonely Day
  • Vegetarian Food Day

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Abundio, Alivia, Asko, Askur, Benedetto, Benedikt,
  • Benediktas, Benedykt, Benito, Benko, Benoit, Colman,
  • Cyprian, Dobroslav, Efimia, Eleonora, Eleonoora, Elli,
  • Ellinor, Emanuele, Evfemia, Evfimia, Fabrizio, Failbhe,
  • Falvy, Helga, Kalina, Kipras, Kiprijonas, Kir,
  • Leonora, Lili, Livia, Lonan, Lore, Lusia, Milota,
  • Milutin, Nelli, Nora, Noora, Oleg, Olia, Olga,
  • Olha, Olive, Olivia, Oliver, Ollie, Olusia, Pelagia,
  • Pelagiusz, Pijus, Pius, Placyd, Plunked, Qyentine,
  • Quincy, Quinn, Quintina, Quinton, Sawin, Sigisbert,
  • Svens, Šarūnė, Varaidotis, Vilmantas,Wyszeslawa,
  • Yolande, Герман, Иван, Кир, Павел, Сергей, Ольга,
  • Пелагея, Венедикт, Иосиф, Осип, Ян
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