July 12-th


Field Rose

Field Rose

July 12-th in the Calendar

This  is the 193-rd day of the year. There are still  172 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day  – Field rose  (dedicated to St. John ) 

Scientific rose  – Rosa arvensis

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Agnes De
  • Bl. Andrew Oexner of Riun
  • St. Ansbald
  • Bl. David Gonson
  • St.Epiphania
  • St. Hermagoras and St. Fortunatus
  • St. Jason
  • st. John Gaulbert
  • St. John Jones
  • Bl. John Naisen
  • Bl. John Tanaka
  • St. John the Iberian
  • St. John Wall
  • St. Leo of Lucca
  • Bl. Louis Naisen
  • St. Marciana
  • Bl. Matthias Araki
  • St. Menulphus
  • Bl. Monica Naisen
  • St. Nabor and St. Felix
  • St. Paternian
  • St. Paulinus of Antioch
  • Bl. Peter Araki Kobjoje
  • St. Peter Khanh
  • St. Veronica
  • St. Viventiolus

Holidays and Celebrations

  • Kiribati – Independence Day
  • São Tomé and Príncipe – Independence Day
  • Mongolia -The second day of Naadam
  • Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador – The Twelfth, also known as Orangemen’s Day
  • Alimony Equality Day
  • Different Colored Eyes Day
  • Eat Your Jell -O Day
  • Simplicity Day

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Andrzej, Armand, Bonifacas, Borek, Brunon, Brunonas,
  • Bud, Buddy, Colman, Dalma, Eleonore, Euzebiusz, Feliks,
  • Felix, Fortunat, Fortunata, Fortunato, Gualberti, Gualberto,
  • Gwalbert, Hilary, Heinrichs, Henriette, Henriks, Henryk,
  • Herkko, Herman, Hermann, Hermanni, Hermine, Hermo,
  • Härm, Härmel, Härmo, Ilary, Indrikis, Ints, Ivan,
  • Izabelė , Izabella, Jan, Jason, Jay, Jayla, Jaylen,
  • Jaylin, Jaylon, Jayson, Johannes, Larry, Margiris,
  • Mislav, Mohor, Nabor, Nina, Oliverio, Olivier,
  • Oscar, Osvaldo, Oswald, Oswaldo, Ozzie, Paulina,
  • Pawel, Piotr, Siegbert, Sigisbert, Sigisbertas,  Sigitas,
  • Tolimir, Ultan, Verenic, Veronica, Veronike, Veroniki,
  • Vyliaudė, Waldo, Weronika, Екатерина, Вивентиол,
  • Гермагор, Иван, Джон, Набор, Феликс, Григорий,
  • Иона, Неофит, Павел, Парфений, Пётр, Семен
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