July 16-th

Great Garden Convolvulus

Great Garden Convolvulus

July 16-th in the Calendar

This is the 197th day of the year. There are  still 168 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Great Garden Convolvulus  (dedicated to St. Eustachius) 

Scientific name. – Convolvulus purpureus

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Athenogenes
  • Bl. Bartholomew of Braga
  • St. Carmen
  • St. Domnio
  • St. Fulrad
  • St. Helier
  • St. Marie Magdalen Postel
  • St. Marie St. Henry
  • St. Mary Magdalen Postel
  • St. Reineldis
  • St. Tenenan
  • St. Valentine
  • St. Vitalian
  • St. Vitalian

Holidays and Celebrations of July 16-th

  • United States- District of Columbia Day
  • Atomic Age  Begins at 1945 ( first Atomic Bomb is  detonated in New Mexico)
  • The World’s First Parking Meters installed in Oklahoma City (United States)

We Wish Happy Nameday to:

  • Andrzej, Benedykt, Carmen, Danguolė, Drahomir, Dzierslaw,
  • Elke, Elvira, Elvire, Eustachiusz, Eustachy, Faust,
  • Faustas, Generosa, Hermine, Irmgard, Luboš, Karmela,
  • Karmen, Karmena, Magdalena, Marcelina, Maria, Marija,
  • Marika, Ostap, Rasulite, Rein, Reine, Reinhold, Reinhild,
  • Reino, Reinu, Reinut, Rinaldo, Ronald, Rut, Ruta,
  • Ruth, Scoth, Stefan, Vaigaudas, Valia, Valentina,
  • Valter, Yulian, Yuliana, Yulya, Александр, Анатолий,
  • Василий, Георгий, Герасим, Демид, Иван, Константин,
  • Марк, Михаил, Филипп, Фома, Мария, Венедикт,
  • Евстафий, Евлампий, Егор, Никодим, Родион , Ян
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