July 18-th

Autumn Marigold

Autumn Marigold

July 18-th in the Calendar

This is the 199th day of the year. There are still 166 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Autumn Marigold (dedicated to St. Bruno)

Scientific name  – Chrysanthemum coronarium

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Arnulf
  • St. Bruno of Segni
  • St. Camillus de Lellis
  • St. Dominic Nicholas Dat
  • St. Edburga of Bicester
  • St. Emilian
  • St. Frederick
  • St. Goneri of Brittany
  • St. Gundenis
  • St. Julian
  • St. Marina
  • St. Maternus of Milan
  • St. Minnborinus of Cologne
  • St. Pambo
  • St. Philaster
  • St. Rufillus
  • St. Symphorosa
  • St. Theneva
  • St. Theodosia of Constantinople

Holidays and Celebrations of July 18-th

  • Urugay – Constitution Day
  • Nelson Mandela International Day
  • India Space Day
  • United States- Perfect Family Day

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Aimilianos, Anna, Arnold, Arnolf, Arnulf, Calogero,
  • Ceallach, Cronan, Drahomira, Eimantas, Eimantė ,
  • Emil, Emilia, Emilian, Emiliano, Emilianos, Ervinas,
  • Erwin, Erwina, Eerika, Erika, Fáilbhe, Fionntán,
  • Federico, Fred, Freda, Freddie, Freddy, Frédéric,
  • Frederica, Frederick, Frederico, Frederick, Fredrik,
  • Fredy, Friedrich, Fridrih, Fridrik, Fridrikas, Frigyes,
  • Kamil, Kamila, Kamilis, Karolina, Luz, Natko,
  • Robert, Roberta, Riika, Riikka, Rozalija, Roze,
  • Rozite, Simforoza, Szymon, Ulf, Unislaw, Wespazjan,
  • Анна, Арсений, Афанасий, Варвара, Василий,
  • Елизавета, Кирилл, Сергей, Степан, Тихон,
  • Камилл, Симон,  Агния, Арнольд, Камилла, Киприан, Люция
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